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Scarab Funds investee Communally named as ”Best for the World”

Scarab Funds is delighted to announce that for the second year in a row, our investee company, Communally has been recognized as one of the Top 10% ‘Best for the World’ positive impact businesses based upon the company’s B Impact Assessment, an independent, comprehensive assessment administered by the non-profit B Lab. In addition, Communallyranked in the Top […]

New Ecosystem to provide Singapore and Asia Innovation Scene with Full Lifecycle Support

Singapore (17 September 2018): The Pepper Ecosystem was launched today alongside TechInnovation and SWITCH 2018. RedPepper Mergers, Budding Innovations, and Sloan Group International are joining forces to offer a seamlessly integrated innovation support ecosystem to both start-ups and corporates. The Pepper Ecosystem offers innovators in Singapore and the region a cohesive suite of services to assist […]

Money Makes the World Go ‘Round

It is time to be creative in developing platforms to increase the circulation of money for the common good both locally and globally. Big box retail, “too big to fail” banks are useful in many ways. But, unfortunately, they have become the biggest leaches of local capital next to gas stations, taking money that could […]

Harnessing Crowdfunding for Powerful Social Impact

Impact investing and crowdfunding are getting quite a bit of buzz lately, particularly as Millennials are set to take over trillions in family wealth and are much more interested in using their money for environmentally and socially beneficial purposes than generations before them. At the same time, sustainability has become mainstream, as large corporations and favorite brands […]

Does Society Become What We Invest In? – Scarab %Building the Bridges to a Future Fit® Society – Scarab

In the same way that the old adage “you are what you eat” holds true, so too should investors embrace the concept that “you become what you invest in”.  Financial capital drives economic growth and so if you want to live in a positive, healthy, happy and sustainable world and you are an investor it […]

Building the Bridges to a Future Fit® Society

Infrastructure is hidden in the background but underlies everything. All the 17 Sustainable Development Goals can be moved forward dramatically with changes in infrastructure. And yet, like our own internal workings, it is the least visible and the least conscious area for most of us. We drink the water, flush the toilet, complain about the […]

Scarab Funds’ Theory of Change

Without a substantive theory of change, any attempt to make a difference generally suffers mission drift, but having a clear set of goals and a timeline ensures practical success. It is this theory of change – or Stated Purpose – that provides a basis for decisions that keeps an Investment Committee on course, no matter […]

Volunteering for Environmental Impact

CheetahExperience.com, a hugely successful environmental impact program founded and led by the remarkable Riana van Nieuwenhuizen, is 100% funded by donations and has hosted over 1000 volunteers from 33 countries, since 2011. Volunteers come for a holiday or gap year and work side by side with the veterinary and support staff to rehabilitate injured wildlife from neighboring […]

What’s It Going to Take to Put Women on Equal Footing for VC Funding?

When we talk about gender equality in 2018, it’s no longer a question of being politically correct.  We have plenty of data that shows that gender equality leads to better social outcomes, higher returns in business, and happier societies. We’ve made significant strides in cultural and societal norms, rates of women pursuing graduate degrees, and […]

When will McDonald’s (and our choices) be “Future Fit”?

When you think of McDonald’s you think of obese children, too much sugar and inhumane cattle feedlots that are destroying the planet.  Surely no self-respecting impact investor would invest in them. Right? Well, looking just at their share price performance, there is a lot of economic value that they have created over the last 20 […]

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