New Ecosystem to provide Singapore and Asia Innovation Scene with Full Lifecycle Support

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Singapore (17 September 2018): The Pepper Ecosystem was launched today alongside TechInnovation and SWITCH 2018. RedPepper Mergers, Budding Innovations, and Sloan Group International are joining forces to offer a seamlessly integrated innovation support ecosystem to both start-ups and corporates.

The Pepper Ecosystem offers innovators in Singapore and the region a cohesive suite of services to assist the innovation process from ideation and product development all the way through to grooming the business and leadership team for an IPO.

Speaking at the SWITCH 2018, Dr. Bert Grobben, CEO of Budding Innovations and the Pepper Ecosystem representative in Asia, said: “The seamless integration of the perfectly aligned services offered by these three experienced businesses offers an unparalleled innovation lifecycle solution. No other players operating in South East Asia can offer the scale and skill that comes with this ecosystem.”

The ecosystem’s services are backed of the world’s first 100% Impact Investment Hedge Fund, Scarab Funds. A long-standing, US-based fund, Scarab Funds is fully committed to creating a Future Fit® world that is environmentally restorative, socially just and economically inclusive.

“Given our industry-leading work in the LifeTech space and our plans to expand into both EnviroTech and AgriTech, this access to funding will really help us build and grow products and businesses with lifespan health offerings,” Bert added.

RedPepper Mergers, which was started in Australia in 2014, has grown into a global business in just a few short years. Led by Kenneth von Rausch, the team offers bespoke growth advisory and capital raising services across the business lifecycle.

Kenneth explained: “We have always wanted to expand into the vibrant Singapore market and now with expertise on the ground we are already working on a number of deals that have the potential to make a huge impact. The change that the world needs will come from tech innovation, socially responsible investment and a new breed of purpose led entrepreneurs and leaders. Our unique combination of skills positions The Pepper Ecosystem as a global leader and change maker.”

Sloan Group International (SGI), who provides leadership enhancement programmes to Fortune 500 companies around the world, is deeply committed to human capital development, without which none of the Global Compact’s ambitious goals will be met.

Karlin Sloan, SGI CEO, said: “Our work with leaders has a profound positive impact not only on their employees and their businesses performance but on society as a whole. We believe that innovation and entrepreneurship are critical for sustainable growth and we relish the opportunity to bring our experience and expertise to bear in this important sector.”

About Budding Innovations 

Budding Innovations is a Singapore-headquartered horizontally integrated Venture Builder, that focuses on Technology and Product Commercialization by maturing and developing new opportunities towards scalable in-market solutions. It operates on a unique innovation model that enables efficient integration and execution of emerging possibilities across broad technologies and entities, and especially at the interface between industries.

BI specializes in all product aspects in Deep Tech, and company de-risking based on a Technology and Product Due Diligence and the follow through maturation and execution framework. BI is working with leading Fortune 500s and regional multinationals in delivering innovative Brand Portfolios, as well as a wide range of SMEs, start-ups, and innovators in predominantly Lifespan Health, Nutrition/Food, Life Science, MedTech and Wellness domains (hereinafter “Industry Verticals”). For Start-ups, in particular, BI has core expertise in taking them to full product readiness stage, scale-up, and commercial market launch & expansion.

Beyond product development, BI recently launched Nebula™, an apprentice program that focuses on entrepreneurial talent development.

BI has a strong Singapore foothold and is expanding its capability, client and start-ups networks globally. Expansion and technology import/export enables value creation for companies, and talented individuals. BI aims to build close international partnerships to cross-fertilize opportunities between innovation ecosystems.

About RedPepper Mergers 

RedPepper Mergers (RPM) are global specialists at structuring ESGTech companies to grow.

RPM raise Responsible Capital for product development, sales expansion and for Mergers and Acquisitions.

RedPepper Mergers service lines include:

  • Advisory services to Structure high growth business models and Investor Ready paperwork
  • Securing seed funding for start-ups (with specific SaaS model experience)
  • Exclusive acquisition search mandates
  • Niche sales mandates for High Tech and Agribusiness industry sectors
  • Board members / strategic panel advisors
  • Interim CEO for Portfolio investment companies
  • Arranging Round A and B expansion capital and debt wrap-up and cashflow financing
  • Advising on founder exit strategies

About Sloan Group International 

SGI logo

Sloan Group International works with the world’s best companies to effect meaningful behavioral change through performance driven, metrics-focused leadership enhancement programs.

As organizations become more matrixed and less hierarchical, people no longer have the positional authority and therefore need to be able to influence others and inspire performance rather than rely on being able to direct it.  

Helping organizations to thrive in this new paradigm is our specialty.

Sloan Group International serves leaders, managers, and individual contributors in organizations around the world. We provide a full suite of transformational leadership enhancement programs tailored to your specific need.

Our approach offers a blend of consulting, coaching and mentoring for both individuals and teams, and is backed up with a range of industry-leading assessments and various practical, usable tools. We use cutting-edge research in neuroscience, positive psychology, leadership and organization development, and systems thinking to shape our offering. Our comprehensive suite of assessments, programs, and services are designed to help you help your business.

We have extraordinary success in helping analytical and technical experts transition to leadership roles and have worked extensively in the financial services, pharmaceutical, and technology sectors.

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RedPepper Mergers,

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Karlin Sloan

Sloan Group International,

Karlin Sloan

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