We are a multi-touchpoint financial ecosystem

SCARAB FUNDS IS run by professionals experienced in the commercial deployment of Responsible Investment capitalThis capital actively funds real-world Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) business models, through diverse financial instruments. The investments always making a measurable contribution to the world, as measured by the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development GoalsThis is where the Impact stems from – financial investment to drive profitable business models that are held accountable to a triple bottom line

These instruments return low, moderate and high yields to our Investors in line with the investors’ risk profiles and liquidity needs but are always on thesis

Our framework portfolios are designed to support the impact investment ecosystem by helping

  • The businesses in which investment is made, to deliver better commercial returns while always remaining true to their foundational goals and ESG principles,
  • HNWI and Family Office investors to support purposeful impact while balancing financial returns,
  • Development finance institutions (investment banks, institutional investors, advisors and managers) to better manage and meet their mandates to support economic development via investment and financial service mandates.
  • Government and philanthropists to implement more effective impact-policy based funding, and
  • Foundations, with impact mandates, to be more effective at measuring and realising their impact outcome criteria

SCARAB FUNDS’ professional capability to deliver on this promise of ethical thriving is underpinned by our four core divisions :

Core Funding

SCARAB FUNDS’ Impact Investing team enables a community of engaged funders, to make their investment dollars go further, by taking a co-investment stake in a customized portfolio of innovative yet commercially viable ventures proactively working towards achieving the SDGs. The support of these ventures includes structuring multi-year tailored funding, hands-on capacity and revenue building, access to global networks and structuring advice to prove and improve the investees’ impact.

Investor Advisory

Through our related professional and accredited advisory structure (3Sisters Sustainable Management LLC), Scarab Funds helps individuals, private wealth advisers, family offices, institutional investors, government bodies and social purpose foundations to strengthen their ability to address ESG issues.

This includes active market place education and research initiatives and public speaking.  If you are an advisor, ask us about our next educational event.

Core Investment

SCARAB FUNDS’ invests in ESG business opportunities, organisations and projects offering investors both Social and Environmental Purpose and financial return. These include public market all-cap stocks, private debt and private equity investments in on-mandate enterprises, Impact Bonds (SIBs, CBs, EIBs) and bespoke financial solutions for large scale transactions such as the development of affordable housing, short-term operational cashflow funding or green real assets expansion.

Investee Advisory

Through our global network of impact experts, Scarab Funds helps on-mandate investees to

– develop revenue growth plans and team structures
– implement appropriate measures to evaluate impact
– strategize about capital raising, global JV / partnering
– M&A (Buy and Sell side mandates)

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