SCARAB FUNDS is a leader in the global Impact Investing market with a mission to deliver risk-adjusted financial returns to its investors alongside measurable SDG impact goals. The investment options include off balance sheet debt (short and long term) and private equity positions, with a focus on:

  • Social: Global community impact
  • Environmental: Green real assets
  • Economic: Short duration loans / micro-finance for SMEs and proven, high-impact female managed businesses

Our reputational claims to leadership are underpinned by our historic financial success and the incorporation into our innovative public stocks fund of a global index called CSRHub

An unbiased global ESG data source (CSRHub), that when applied against global all cap equities, structures impact investment portfolios returning higher overall aggregate yields than the market

The thesis for making this index an investment metric, is based on the notion that ESG issues, such as climate risk and human rights, can affect the performance of investment portfolios and should therefore be considered alongside more traditional financial factors if investors are to properly fulfil their moral fiduciary duty

Our intelligent research, tangibly supporting our reputational claims, is evidenced by our creation of a publicly accessible body of knowledge, called WikiPositive, supported by a global volunteer base

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