Joule Energy Reduction Asset Fund, LP

Joule Assets actively empowers businesses, investors, communities, and individuals to capitalize on reductions of energy consumption through innovative financing, creative business models, and regulatory policy in the U.S. and Europe. Using their market intelligence, expertise, and performance-based financing approach, Joule enhances projects by generating and integrating new value and revenue streams.

Palmetto Louisiana

Palmetto designs and installs solar systems on residential homes throughout the Southeast US. Their seamless experience from the first chat to final inspection ensures customers can easily incorporate sustainable renewable energy solutions into their homes.

Communally, LLC

The mission of Communally, an anti-poverty software, is to assist low- and moderate-income individuals and families, in the US, to move from the Crisis of poverty to being able to make real Choices in their lives through the practical application of innovative and empowering technology, public policy expertise, and community outreach.

Ecotrust Forests Fund, LLC

EFF-I is an all-equity fund that is fully invested in properties located in Oregon and Washington states. EFF-I generates returns primarily through long-term biological growth of forestland, sale of harvested timber and supplemented with income from environmental markets (primarily carbon offsets), conservation easements and New Market Tax Credits. EFM’s ecosystem-based style of management is focused on improving forest health, productivity and long-term value for investors. EFM’s thesis is that this style of forest management can create more long-term value for investors as it produces higher quality wood, diversifies income streams, and captures multi-dimensional sources of value from environmental markets that are often ignored by conventional approaches to forest management.

Trilinc Global

Private Debt Plus™, TriLinc’s private debt investment strategy, aims to deliver market-rate returns through private debt loans to Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) in select developing countries PLUS positive impact that is measurable and reportable through the Global Impact Investing Network’s (GIIN) Impact Reporting & Investment Standards (IRIS). TriLinc provides investors with what we believe to be lower risk access to private investment opportunities available in select high-growth economies. At present they operate in Latin America, Southeast Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa, in countries with a stable political climate, reliable legal system and growing economy.

Star Mountain Diversified Small Business Access Fund II-A, LP

A specialized asset management firm focused exclusively on the large and fragmented U.S. lower middle-market. Backed by some of the world’s most sophisticated institutional and high-net-worth investors, Star Mountain has developed a unique and proprietary platform to provide investors with highly diversified access to the attractive risk-reward opportunities available from established businesses that are not large enough to access the more efficient U.S. capital markets. Star Mountain has a specialized platform, with the option for investors to access low-cost, fixed-rate U.S. government leverage through the SBIC program.

Prime Meridian Small Business Lending Fund, LP

Provides investors direct low cost access to short-duration high yield, collateralized loan portfolios from creditworthy small business owners that produce consistent returns. This fund lets investors participate in the enormous and profitable online/P2P credit market that has previously been the exclusive territory of a few big banks. The objective of the fund is to outperform on a risk adjusted basis other lending and fixed income portfolios by using a dedicated API with proprietary credit algorithms to overweight the best risk/reward loans in a broadly diversified portfolio.

Rose Smart Growth Fund I, LP

The founder and developer of this fund, Jonathan Rose, is an award winning proponent of sustainable design and green development, especially in urban cities where they maximize energy and transportation efficiencies by locating in and near public transportation. Mostly retrofitting and restoring existing buildings the developments are primarily on the East and West US coasts.

Polymateria Ltd

Polymateria’s mission is to tackle the global crisis of plastic waste that escapes into the natural environment. They design and license time-controlled biodegradation technology for all types of plastics, whether synthetic or bio-based. Plastics enhanced with our additives break down into biomass, water and carbon dioxide much faster than conventional plastics, which can persist in the natural environment for hundreds of years. Polymateria are fully committed to setting new standards for biodegradation technology, and to collaborating with a wide range of partners across sectors to explore new ways to tackle the problem of plastic that ends up in the wrong places.

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